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Creative director in visual and immersive fields

HCI researcher

VR - Interactive - Storytelling

Paulina Greta (Æva Futura), explores the relation between technology, art, HCI and media communication, both from theory and practice. Her interest in human-computer interaction developed during her MS thesis in psychology.
Her research focuses on storytelling evolution within transmedia, interactive and immersive environments.
Paulina’s creative projects embrace film direction, performance, interactive installations and coding, combine open source softwares and hardware hacking. More recently, she has been researching immersive and VR possibilities, and exploring the concepts of multisensory aesthetic and machine learning.
Through her work she analyses visual culture changes over time.



MS in Psychology, La Sapienza, University of Rome (Italy)- 2015

BFA in Video Direction and Non Linear Installation Arts, European Institute of Design (IED), Milan (Italy)- 2013

Exhibitions, Festivals, Talks, Awards

2018 - Talk - Storytelling within Interactive and Performative Frames: a Focus on TouchDesigner - TouchDesigner Summit 2018, Berlin

2017 - Chevrolet in Tokyo - Screening - The Overkill Festival, Netherlands

2017 - Chevrolet in Tokyo - Screening – Live Cinema Fest, Macro (Museo d'Arte Contemporanea di Roma), Rome

2017 - Chevrolet in Tokyo, official selection at Milan Fashion Film Festival

2016 - Talk - Interactive Digital Storytelling: dalla UX alle nuove prospettive, ESC (End Summer Camp)

2016 - Talk - Interactive digital storytelling systems: generative interfaces, authors and the role of the audience - Hackaday super conference, Belgrade

2016 - Spazio Plastico, official selection at Santiago Fashion Film Festival

2015 - All Tomorrows Food, Digital Wall, EXPO, Milan

2014 - Korridor, official selection at Milan Fashion Film Festival

2014 - Spazio Plastico, Human vs Robot / Design Week at Ex Fornace, Milan

2013 - Talkin2MI, Elita Design Week at Franco Parenti Theater, Milan

2013 - Korridor Live Performance, Standing in a Circle, Spazio Concept, Milan

2012 - Light am I now - First Award at Next Step Festival, Chiostro dei Glicini, Milan



Paulina is a member of directing duo SUROGAAT Last works explore new emerging visual and film languages. Experimenting with interactive, VR and 360 techniques, tailors experiences for the new spectator.


Past activities comprehend interactive audio visual installations. Thesis project and the other works were mainly driven by open source hardware and software.


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“VR and multisensory aesthetics”

“Spectators agency and the performative and aesthetic aspects of authored digital storytelling - A UX research on Vincent Morisset’s “Reflektor”

“The missing break: aesthetics of continuity”


+49 176 7797 5657 Berlin, Germany